From Structuring Elements to Structuring Neighborhood Systems


In the context of mathematical morphology based on structuring elements to define erosion and dilation, this paper generalizes the notion of a structuring element to a new setting called structuring neighborhood systems. While a structuring element is often defined as a subset of the space, a structuring neighborhood is a subset of the subsets of the space. This yields an extended definition of erosion; dilation can be obtained as well by a duality principle. With respect to the classical framework, this extension is sound in many ways. It is also strictly more expressive, for any structuring element can be represented as a structuring neighborhood but the converse is not true. A direct application of this framework is to generalize modal morpho-logic to a topological setting.

Mathematical Morphology and Its Applications to Signal and Image Processing
Alexandre Goy
Alexandre Goy

I am interested in theoretical computer science, especially logic, category theory, coalgebra, and probabilistic aspects of these topics.