Powerset-Like Monads Weakly Distribute over Themselves in Toposes and Compact Hausdorff Spaces


The powerset monad on the category of sets does not distribute over itself. Nevertheless a weaker form of distributive law of the powerset monad over itself exists and it essentially stems from the canonical Egli-Milner extension of the powerset to the category of relations. On the other hand, any regular category yields a category of relations, and some regular categories also possess a powerset-like monad, as is the Vietoris monad on compact Hausdorff spaces. We derive the Egli-Milner extension in three different frameworks: sets, toposes, and compact Hausdorff spaces. We prove that it corresponds to a monotone weak distributive law in each case by showing that the multiplication extends to relations but the unit does not. We provide an application to coalgebraic determinization of alternating automata.

International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
Alexandre Goy
Alexandre Goy

I am interested in theoretical computer science, especially logic, category theory, coalgebra, and probabilistic aspects of these topics.